Nautical lamps

Authentic navigation lights in production since 1922. 

Globe lamps

Predecessors of the Anchor light and Navigation lights. Very nice to light the porch and garden. 

Galley lamp
Cabin lamps

Used in the cabins on a ship. Ideal to place on the table or hang on the wall.


Lanterns used on ships and famous shipping companies.

Pendulum lamps

The famous Trawler lamp and other models. 

Spare parts

Burners, wicks and glass chimneys for all our lanterns.



DHR decorative blog

troubleshooting part 4

01 December 2017

Unsteady flame The lamp is flickering, and not providing a steady flame because of the use of incorrect lamp oil in the past, or because of problems with the wick.
Factory workers hemming cups on eccentric presses
Craftsmanship series: Hemming and Seaming

15 October 2015

After a cup is formed in the deepdrawer, it is time to close the cup.
kosmos burner with airflow
Troubleshooting part 3, a cracking chimney

21 August 2015

It’s very frustrating, cracks in the glass chimney within minutes after lighting an oil lamp. Main reason?
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