PAR56 Sealed beam

PAR56 Sealed beam

PAR56 Sealed beam replacement lamp or spare part for the DHR150/180 marine searchlight series.

Unfortunately the GE4537-2 (PAR46 13V) and GE4553 (PAR46 28V), used in above mentioned are no longer being manufactured by General Electric.

After a production period of over 50 years, we feel responsible to provide a solution to our distributors and end-users. We are currently very close to the final phase of developing a LED-unit that can be placed in the existing searchlight housing of our 150CB series. We expect to be able to supply during or before November 2018.

We are very sorry for the inconvinience caused.
Den Haan Rotterdam.

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Replacement sealed beam lamp for the DHR180 searchlight series.


12VDC - 100Watt
24VDC - 170Watt

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