Why choose DHR

Den Haan Rotterdam is the only factory that produces navigation lights, searchlights, signalling lights and air horns in Holland, as well as manufacturing brass and copper oil lamps.

We reached this position by uncompromising standards. We only use high quality materials, which are high precision manufactured for a perfect fit. 

Due to their robust design they last a long time and because they are maintenance friendly it is very easy to keep them running and stay safe. 

High Quality Materials
Like stainless steel 316L, hard anodised seaworthy aluminium, borosilicate glass and top of the line LED circuit boards.

High precision manufactured
To create a waterproof product, a perfect fit is essential. This is done by high precision manufacterd parts. Which are frequently checked to eliminate minor flaws in the process.

Robust Design
Our R&D department designs our products in such a way, that they are capable to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. 

Maintenance friendly
It is very important for ship owners to reduce maintenance costs and time to a minimum. our products are designed to easely open them and replace the necassery part. Therefor, our products are maintenance friendly, and even more important, spare parts are available.