troubleshooting part 4

troubleshooting part 4


The lamp is flickering, and not providing a steady flame because of the use of incorrect lamp oil
in the past, or because of problems with the wick.

1. Incorrect Lamp oil.
The oil burns at a temperature too high, caused by an oil with an inappropriate flame point. A hotter flame needs more oxygen and more fuel. But if this exceeds the burners limits, the wick cannot transport enough oil up to the flame anymore. This causes the flame to burn the wick as a fuel instead which is often combined with a unsteady flame. Either replace the wick or boil the wick for approximately 30 minutes in water. Ensure that the wick is fully dried before placing it back. fill the oil-fount with oil, and leave the wick to become fully saturated for approximately 15 minutes before lighting it.

2. the lamp hasn't been used long enough.
Oil lamps often need approximately 15 minutes of continuous burning when lighting it for the first time. This is also the case when the burner is thoroughly cleaned or during wick replacement. 
Watch the flame carefully and adjust the wick slightly to ensure a nice all-round flame. during these 15 minutes. Once the flame is burning steadily you can adjust the size of the flame by slightly turning the wick up or down.

3. the wick is not evenly cut. 
When cutting the wick it's important to ensure that the wick is evenly cut the same lenght at all places. if not the flame might be unsteady. The flame will not get steady untill it's the same lenght.
After cutting the wick in in the correct lenght, ensure to burn it at least 15 minutes continuously.