Why you should consider LED searchlights.

Why you should consider LED searchlights.

Traditionally, searchlights were manufactured with halogen bulbs, ranging up to 3000 watts. At a later stage, also HID (Metal Halide) and Xenon were introduced in the searchlight market. The beam range of searchlights varies greatly, depending on several factors including the light source, wattage and design of the searchlight. For long range searchlights, often seen with Xenon or HID light source, it’s typical to have a very narrow light bundle. A range of up to 9 kilometers is achievable when using a 2000W Xenon searchlight.

With the introduction of LED technology, more light can be extracted from a single light source, making it an excellent technology for many applications, including searchlights. LEDS have numerous advantages over incandescent light sources, including:

  • Low energy consumption
  • No bulb replacement
  • Long lifetime
  • Increased robustness
  • Less heat production
  • Clear and diverse color spectrum

As leading manufacturer of searchlights, We have introduced the 300RCB 250Watts LED remote controlled searchlight in 2017. A perfect solution for any larger type of vessel due to its adjustable beam width and highly efficient LED light source. It boosts up to 20.000 lumens from a single source with an area of less than a square centimeter. Combined with a high quality optical system, it allows for a range up to 1700 meters.

As the market slowly converts to LED, we now introduce our brand new (smaller) 230RCN 75W LED remote controlled searchlight. With its compact design, it can be used on any type of vessel, but specifically suitable for tugs, workboats and inland vessels. The searchlight is equipped with a silver plated mirror which provided an optimal beam with a range of up to  775 meters. Both the RCN as RCB series searchlights are operated by a control panel, usually mounted inside the wheelhouse.