In 1999 the modernisation of the tool shop was completed. In a short period of time two milling machines, a surface cutter and a high precision Weiler lathe were ordered. And 1999 turned out to be a special year. The not inconsiderable increased turnover of 1998 was maintained and the ISO9002 certificate was prolonged after 3 years. A climate chamber was ordered to further increase the quality of the products. And a barcode was added to our product labels.

After years of consideration a production leader was hired, a man who up to today feels what’s happening in the company and is a loyal and stimulating part of the team.

On October the 1st 1999 the manufacturer of searchlights for over 50 years and wholesaler in sealed beam en electric bulbs was taken over. After which moving to a larger factory became necessary but negotiations with the HBG Group, a property developer, led to nothing. Because of the growing amount of activities, a cramped sales department with higher customer expectations is in need of more space. But DHR is still waiting for the property developer.

In the year 2000 the complete administration starts working in Euro instead of the Dutch currency, the Gulden, so every employee knows how to work with Euros. The 2002 Euro chaos, when everybody is forced to work in Euro won’t hit DHR. In August 2000 our former director Mr. C den Haan passed away at the age of eighty.

Because the property developer kept letting us down an office for the director is build on top of the material storage. The company lobby and offices were upgraded and DHR starts using the internet and has its own website.

In 2002 the new DHR70N navigation light series is introduced. Because of very detailed drawings en reports of acknowledged institutes like KEMA and TNO, approvals by foreign inspection bodies follow shortly afterwards.  Meanwhile the complete range of ZEEKRO searchlights has been worked on. The complete structure is changed and now the searchlights can be put on the market according to the CE Guidelines.

A new and restyled catalogue is published by a different advertising agency with a new and fresh design as a result. The economic depression lasts longer than expected  and continues in 2004. DHR is forced to recall a considerable amount of social work in order to keep their normal staff working.

In 2005 a new searchlight, the DHR260 Halogen or Metal halide bulb is introduced at the METS fair in Amsterdam with a lot positive reactions.