In 1987 mr. Cees den Haan Sr. followed his brother and stopped as member of the board as well. Both their sons became director because they had been working in the company for many years now. The “seniors” stayed on as advisors and financers for the company.

Because of a retracting government the Rotterdam department of the KNMI, The Royal Dutch Measurement Institute, was privatised. In 1988 they closed down the department that was responsible for certifying compasses, navigation lights and other instruments. For DHR this meant that they had to test all their lanterns themselves  and certify them as well.  For this purpose, all necessary photometric testing equipment was ordered on governmental advise and regular checks by the shipping inspection were prospected.

In this same year DHR exhibited successfully at a newly organised tradeshow for water sports, the METS, Maritime Equipment Trade Show, and lots of new contacts from abroad were made.

For years and years DHR produces two types of searchlights for the yachting industry. After putting the test room into service, it became very useful for testing new developed products as well. And when the head of the photometric testing was hired it became the Research and Development department. This resulted in the development of a new searchlight for inland navigation purposes. And it was in this year that DHR started cooperating with Norselight to offer a complete line of searchlights for seagoing and inland navigation purposes on the market.